Wheeling Pine Hill Condominium Fire 

Pinehill Condominium at 500 Manda Lane, Wheeling IL 60090 awakes at 1:30 am to the all to familiar sounds of the fire alarm.  This time it’s not a drill!  A fire broke out on the second floor and while the fire doors closed you could only go out though the emergency exit.  

Like most residents when the fire alarm goes off you open your door and start to smell for smoke.  This time the acrid smell of burning plastic filled the hallway.  I ran around downstairs to see if I could see the fire but the smoke was pretty thick.  I ran back up stairs to get my family and let them know it was a real fire and we had to move.   


 By this time several police and fire departments were on the scene.  Once my family was safely out of the house we were told we could not go back in.  Neighbors stood by each other confused about where the fire was and if anyone was hurt.  Several people we injured and taking to the hospital..but as we were told by police no one was killed. 

Police kept us out of our condo for the next two hours to allow the carbon monoxide levels to lower.  We finally were allowed back inside at 5am.  


3rd floor panels were removed

Now that all the smoke has cleared!  You can see the extensive damage 
My prayers go out to all the families affected and displaced by the fire.  

Hindsight is 20/13


Hindsight is 20/13

Hey there guys!  Before the holiday creeps upon us next week I wanted to encourage my small following of readers to take some time to look back at all you have created and all you have done in 2013.  Reflection is important for growth, but how many small lesson/changes/life hacks have you made in 2013 that are now part of everyday life.   Here are my top 5 life hacks added in 2013

  1. Washing my man mug and tasty fangs before bed–  At first I struggled with making this an everyday occurrence.  I like to think of myself as a well-groomed gentlemen, so this just made sense.
  2. Wake Up Early– I work into the late evening so waking up at 8 am was a challenge but overall this came hack came easy.
  3. Cut the Cable Cord– I started cutting my ties with the cable company after taking a closer look at my tv watching habits, and the growing bill for cable and internet services (more to come on internet connection) combo.  I was paying more than $129 per month to watch my tv for roughly 24 hours per week.  I spent more time looking at YouTube and watching Hulu so the cut came gradual but now I do not miss the cable bill or the shows I love.
  4. Budget on Paper– I am not a numbers guy.  I will admit that to you all from the start, however I am an adult and admit I struggle with understanding how to stick to a budget each month.  I am a work in progress, but what I have become really good with is setting up a budget on paper and sticking to it. 
  5. Whats the opportunity here Making a large move from one state to another, I had to keep a positive attitude and keep looking for the opportunities presented to me if I were to succeed, at this new life in the snowy Northland.  Challenges have come and passed through this year and overall I am very happy with my progress. 

What are your top 5 life hacks for this year? The floor is open……

Migraine Mondays


Had a great weekend and now I wake up with this killer headache.  I decided to keep a journal of my feelings and to make sure this headache does not morph into something serious.  I have some migraine meds on board for now to help get me through my day….have a great day.  Oh yeah I will post some pics from this weekends visit to the Enger Observation Tower


How A Washer & Dryer Ruined A Relationship


It was obvious from the start  the relationship really wasn’t going anywhere. We really haven’t spent a lot of time getting to know each other and as a result the relationship started to fail.

Let me explain what happened… Over the course of 4 months I found my already failing relationship was no longer holding up against the constant scrutiny from my internal heart system, and found my mind stuck in what I will term “the wash cycle”.   I put in a few dirty thoughts and a unkind word hoping like most that this machine would simply wash away my bad deed.  Like moments when you have put the best detergent and color safe bleach in to help rescue your damaged clothes, only to find nothing came out in the wash. You have to bite the bullet and hope for the best in the dryer. 

Dryer Confessions:  As you sit and tumble away the wetness of past mistakes you can only look back and wonder “how did I get here” and make a reasonable plan  of attack to NEVER make that mistake again.  60 min of tumbling away and you notice the stain is still there…you can’t wash away hurt or indiscriminate behavior…you can’t soften harsh words or tumble in and out of a conscious relation with another human.  You must take the clothes out…look at what you have done and decide…do I keep the garment or let it fade into the lost pile of clothes..

Where is that sock that always seems to get lost? 

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Let the hurt go!  It will be powerful and difficult to overlook, but when you have truly started to heal, your whole body will look brand new!


Bob Proctor Quote

You must begin to understand, therefore, that the present state of your bank account your sales your health your social life your position at work at cetera is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. If you seriously wish to change in improve your results in your physical world you must change your thoughts and you must change them immediately