Simple-Not A Happy Camper

Simple I am not a happy camper right now!  Why you may ask?  Let me explain how this small inconvience has spiraled into a major problem.  While working out I received notification from my Simple team letting me know there was some questionable activity on my account (see photo below)   I rushed out of the…

Debt Free by 40-Garnishment

Growing older comes with certain wisdom you learn, over a few years of royally messing things up in your finacial health. Finally today I share with you my short but true story about garnishment.

40 Year Old Goal-Should You Be Debt Free by 40

My birthday is rapidly approaching and over the past few months I have been considering how to realign my 5 year goal to meet what I see in my mind. It is true that the mind will seek to achieve any goal you place in front of it. Closing the gap between high debt and being debt free (accept for my house) by age 40 is going to be a tall order to for me to complete. I have decided despite the fear and anxiety of changing my poor finacial fitness, that the time to focus on the plan is near.