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It’s been a few days since we talked. Let me catch you up! First I officially left my job at Trustmark Insurance Group on the 8 June 2018. It was not a sad occasion, but it’s time for me to pursue my next endeavor.

Speaking of next endeavors, I will post an update on that in the next coming weeks as things unfold.

I would like to wish my love a happy anniversary and hope today is the happiest moment of your life!

No finish line. See you tomorrow.

~Giovanni Hale


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1. Music: ‘Where Are They?’ by @Jpaulished on #SoundCloud? #np https://soundcloud.com/jpaulished/where-are-they?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter



Music moves my body and completing my NTC workout today is no exception. I have used several running apps over the years of starting and stopping training, and I never found an app I really enjoyed the musical choices.


Nike Training Workout (NTC) are core and stability workouts that I  add variety and keep me coming back to the app for the next workout.  Today’s workout reminded me of going through boot camp in the early 90’s and how I felt the first time we had to do a burpee or mountain climbers.

I hate doing bear crawls and Superman, but toughen up buttercup is what I told my weaker inner body and kept working out anyway.

No finish line..See you tomorrow

~Giovanni Hale


Upcoming Runs

  1. JP Morgan Corporate Challenge |May 24, 2018 at 7pm | Grant Park
    1. https://www.jpmorganchasecc.com/city/chicago



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  1. Music: ‘Where Are They?’ by @Jpaulished on #SoundCloud? #np https://soundcloud.com/jpaulished/where-are-they?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter

Week 37 Review-37 Year Life Celebration

Happy 37th Birthday

Week 37 Review-37 Year Life Celebration

This week marked my 37th anniversary and life celeration, commonly known as a “birthday”.  Here are a few pictures


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I spent most of the week considering what two task I would take on for the upcoming year, and settled on the following goals:

  1. Intermittent Fasting

    1. I never really took the time to consider that my weight gain (12lbs) might be due to the time and type of food I consumed.  So while sitting in the bed with my partner who actually took some time to do the research on Intermittent Fasting we decided to give it a try.  Keep in mind abstaining from eating from 8pm to 12pm the next day takes some life adjustments, but so far I haven’t really noticed much in the way of craving after what we have termed in the house as ” The Blackout” period

      My Vegetarian Plate
      My Vegetarian Plate
  2. Fitness Education & Tools

    1. Defining what level of physical fitness I am currently at vs what level of physical fitness I want to be by September 08 2016.  I have studied for the NASM Personal Trainer certification but after being forced to leave the school I simply have not cracked open a book.
    2. Surprised this week with new technology that will assist me in my fitness journey.  I am the proud owner of a new Apple Watch Sport in black.  When I took it out the box I figured I have small writs it would fit as is straight out of the box, but you I am very happy I kept the medium/large band option.  Last 48 hours with the watch has been really allot of fun.  I spent about 2 hours actually setting up all the notifications and decided to take it along for my weekend walk.  Did my 3.70 mile walk this Saturday and killed a 3.19 mile walk this sunday 

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Well guys that’s about it for this week.  I will see you guys next week on Sunday with week 38 update.  Have a great week and make sure you get some exercise.

Mr. Giovanni Hale
People say I’ve had a difficult time in life. I think I’ve had an exciting time in life. ~Iyanla Vanzant~